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    The origin of the Snap’n See project was born  from a visual recognition technology solution developed for the blind people. Any printed text is scaptured with a smartphone and read through a synthetized voice.

    And blind users are ultimately a real torture test, as visual recognition is randomly facing a variety of extreme conditions and situations such as blur, shadows, visual interferences, variable luminosity, glares, twist…

    What if everyone was blind?
    Our eyes can’t always see all the richness of content behind each physical object.
    We have imagined a solution that uses the smartphone as your third eye, accessing the layer of content our eyes cannot directly see. A solution that recognize reality and access its virtual world & environment.
    Beyond visual recognition, Snap’n See was also built on a CMS that generates rich mobile applications, easily change content in real time, exploiting the growing capabilities of smartphones…

    Once the visual recognition made, then what?
    To complete our solution and make it useful, we added to it a mobile content and app generator (CMS).
    Smartphones are among the fast(est) moving technology devices. We follow their evolutions & growing usages and integrate the most relevant ones in our CMS.
    Rich and efficient apps can be created, with content you can easily edit. It is a new information and communication channel, a new and cost effective marketing and business lever for your organization.